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Monday, October 11, 2010

After school

I actually left work by 3:30 today. I didn’t have any papers to take home to grade and I didn’t have golf. It felt really strange, so strange that I decided to carry my empty bag home with me. I guess this made me feel a little more comfortable. I was able to get home just about the time my wife was leaving the house to walk and pick up my son from school. I walked along with her to the school and when my son came out he said “Wow, you both came to pick me up? Why are you both here?” My wife then spoke up and said “Daddy is finished with golf until next year.” He quickly said “YES!” He then turned to me and asked if we could play football when we got home. Of course we played football, all four of us throwing, running and rolling around on the ground. I love spending time together like this and this fall weather is beautiful.

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