Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We got the call today from a case worker for our first court date in Ethiopia. July 12, this is the same day as my in-laws anniversary. We are so excited and can’t wait to meet our little girl in person. Resent travelers have told us that she is a very happy baby and smiles all the time.
We are starting to put our travel plans together. Ethiopia here we come.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Referral Paperwork

Our paperwork arrived about 12 o'clock and my wife had everything filled out by about 2:30. We mailed a paper to our social worker to sign and then forward on to our agency. Later we traveled to our notary for a 7:30 meeting. Made copies of everything and mailed it all out to AGCI first thing in the morning.

On Friday just as we were heading to a wedding rehearsal that my wife was officiating, we got a call from our agency. They were calling to set up a phone meeting to discuss the next steps in the process. She also told us that she looked over our paper work and there was a minor mistake... we didn't sign one of the many many documents. She said not to worry and she would mail it back to us to sign and then return to them.

It is so fun to share the news of our new child with everyone!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Referral Call

We finally got the call for the child we have been praying for.

I was with my daughter at dance class when our agency called on Carrie’s phone. Carrie called me to tell me to come home so we could open the e-mail together as a family. The call from her sounded like this with tears and joy “We bla da cawww, you need ta heray home”. Me “What are you saying… Oh we got the call? I’m on my way, Awesome news!!!”. When I got home both her and my son were filled with excitement, joy and tears (too cute). I took a quick photo just before we opened the e-mail.

She is so Beautiful, and we are so blessed to have her joining our family. She is only 5 months old.

On a side note;
I ran my very first 5K race since I destroyed my ankle about eight years ago. My son ran the last little distance with me. He was so excited to run in the race. I ran it at an 8.3 minute/mile pace.

This will be the last Easter picture as a family of 4!