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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Referral Paperwork

Our paperwork arrived about 12 o'clock and my wife had everything filled out by about 2:30. We mailed a paper to our social worker to sign and then forward on to our agency. Later we traveled to our notary for a 7:30 meeting. Made copies of everything and mailed it all out to AGCI first thing in the morning.

On Friday just as we were heading to a wedding rehearsal that my wife was officiating, we got a call from our agency. They were calling to set up a phone meeting to discuss the next steps in the process. She also told us that she looked over our paper work and there was a minor mistake... we didn't sign one of the many many documents. She said not to worry and she would mail it back to us to sign and then return to them.

It is so fun to share the news of our new child with everyone!


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  1. Crazy that we would both miss a signature on one of our forms!! ugh.... BUT...This is TOTALLY FUN to be experiencing this with you guys!!! We are on our knees praying that we (both of our families) get a court date SOON!