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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Teenagers and a Honeymoon

After eleven wonderful years of marriage my wife and I were convinced to take the honeymoon that we never got a chance to take. My mother planned a five day trip for us to the Rivera Maya in Mexico. We were reluctant to go because of the financial obligations we have made to our adoption. After my mother and some close friends shared with us that we may not take a trip like this for another five years or more after we add another child to our family. So, we chose to go on the trip just before Christmas and the kids got to hang with the grandparents, win-win in my book. We had a great time and it was nice to take our mind off of waiting for a couple of days.

Snowman or Sandman?


A little excitement on the way back to the airport!

We are unofficially teenagers! Nineteen on the girls list and thirteen on the boys list. How exciting is that? So now we are back to the fun game of waiting. So I have come up with a few projects to take my mind off of it. One project for example was cleaning the white mortar joints in the shower as well as cutting out the yucky old caulking joints and replacing them. The newest project is carving out a banana shaped pinewood derby car for my son’s cub scouts.

The Holidays have been wonderful and we are so thankful for everyone’s health and wellbeing this year.


  1. Looks like a GREAT way to get some R&R! Nice to "come back" to the waiting and see that you are teens! :)

  2. Glad ya'll finally got to go on that honeymoon! And love that ya'll are in the TEENS!!!!