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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Numbers for April

It is Official, we are #2 for both a girl and for a boy. We have been sitting at number 2 on the girls list for almost a month. It is really hard not to feel discouraged. Everyday I check my phone about a hundred times to see if I got a text message from #1 or to see if I missed a call from my agency or wife. I'm really hoping that my phone rings this week... If it does, then I will have an amazing story to share with you :)



  1. Understand the feeling :)! We are at different stages, but I am waiting for some kind of info too! Can't wait to hear who God has for your family!

  2. Cannot wait to hear that ya'll got the call!!! Praying that it is THIS WEEK!!! :) So excited for ya'll!

  3. So fun to be neck and neck on both lists here at the end. It is VERY hard to be waiting at the front of the list and hopefully your wait will be over very soon!

  4. Praying you get the call in the next week. For me being at number 2 was the hardest.. way harder than #1 too because you are so close but still someone else had to get the call first. I felt a lot more peace at number 1. It will be soon!!!

  5. It has got to be soon!!! Then you will see and know the face of your sweet one!