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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Adoption Groups

Well, first off I decided to change up the blog page and make it look a little more inviting. So, I hope you feel more invited. On Friday evening we took the kids out for a little bike ride. My youngest is only three, so this ride was real short and slow. When we were about 2 blocks from our house we ran into some friends who had adopted three children from Liberia, and they were visiting another family in our neighborhood. We stopped to visit and talk about life and our adoption process. Our friends then introduced us to the family that lived at the house they were visiting. This family had adopted children also, three children from Liberia, one from Vietnam and one domestically from Washington. They also have five biological children. What do you know; just two blocks from our house were 6 African children and more. We talked and visited for about an hour or more and feel like we have gotten a good start to a local adopting group of friends.

On Saturday we received our appointment for our immigration finger prints (USCIS) in the mail. We are so excited to have the next piece of the puzzle to our journey in place.

Tonight (Sunday) I went to meet for the first time with the Ethiopian family group for dinner. The group only meets once a month. There were about twenty different families at the meeting. It was so awesome to see families that looked just like my family will look like soon. The children were so filled with joy running around the play area while the adults took time to talk and share with each other. There were some families there that are still in the process of adopting just like us and others that have adopted several years ago. I had some really nice conversations, met some great folks and my kids had fun playing. The Ethiopian dinner was prepared by an Ethiopian family and it was awesome, nice and spicy!

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