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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2 months waiting

Vacations are nice, but they are even better when you can spend it alone with your family. My life with school teaching and coaching can take a lot of time away from my family. Golf team practice followed by grading papers and then planning for the next days’ classes. Some evenings are filled with traveling to away matches and that makes for a real long evening. Weekends are often congested with grading papers/tests and planning for the upcoming week and I always attend our Church youth group meetings on Sunday night. Carrie is so often busy in the evenings with Bible studies, church council meetings of all kinds, meeting with youth and attending some of the youth’s school events. During the summer we have several mission trips that one or both of us attend that are usually a week long.

I am not complaining I am just saying that we are busy and our family time is usually what gets sacrificed. So, four years ago we decided to take a two week vacation at the end of July to be alone with just our kids. We have decided to continue doing this each year. The first year we went to North Dakota to visit my Dad and the bad lands, second to the lake in KY, third year we went on a cross country tour of the US in a civic (crazy, but fun) and stopped off in ND again to see my Dad, and this year we are back at the lake in KY. We are now coming down to the last couple days of our time alone together. So sad! I can’t help but wonder what next year will bring with our new family addition, (hummm) wonderful I’m sure.

While on vacation I have continued to stay connected to the progress of our adoption through our agency list-serve (e-mails) and through other family’s adoption blogs. We learned of a picnic being held by our agency in the great city of Nashville, TN on Saturday July 31st. Our vacation ends this Saturday, so we thought we would drive just a little further south to meet some of the incredible families from that area that have already adopted or are in the process of adopting. This is going to be great, and I can’t wait to share pictures with everyone.

I can’t believe we have been on the wait list for 2 months today. This adoption process has been so wonderful and yet so challenging to stay patient as we wait for our new little person. Ethiopia closes their courts during the rainy season, which is Aug-Sept. This means that things are going to slow down even more in the waiting process for a short while. I pray and wonder everyday when will get our referral for the child God has planned for us, when will we travel to Ethiopia, how will our lives be changed.



  1. Can't wait to meet you guys..i'll be there with my 2 year old ethiopian cutie Noah Tamirat.

  2. So excited about meeting ya'll at the picnic on Saturday!! Glad you're having a great vacation!