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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Nashville Picnic

I can't think of a better way to end our two week vacation then getting to meet and visit with other families that have a passion for adoption. Our agency AGCI held a picnic at a park in Nashville for those who have, are in the process of or might be interested in adopting. The weather was very HOT and humid but thankfully Kristi planned ahead and had some fun water toys for the kids to enjoy.

There were families that travelled from so many different states to come together in fun and fellowship. Gods' presence was there and the day was a huge success. Soon after we began our journey to adoption we learned about this whole new world of blogging (I have never read one or heard much about it). Well, in my curiosity to learn more from others that have gone before us, I began searching and reading. I started following certain families blogs and sending them questions through e-mail. I then decided to start our own blog so we could share with friends and family members in many different cities and states about our adoption.

In a weird sense some of these families from the different blogs have become friends or almost like family (connected by a passion for adoption). So, the picnic was almost like a family reunion but yet most of us were just meeting personally for the first time. What an exciting and enjoyable day. Who cares if I was drenched in my own sweat? I had conversations with some really awesome followers of Christ and I could feel God comforting us as we discovered how much our families were alike. Here are some pictures we took with friends we have met during our journey and through the world of blogging.

Alison and Jody (Lovin much)

Jenni and Lee (1 in 17)

Andrea with Isaac (babe of my heart)

Kristi with Lucy (our family advocating for orphans)

Kristi put together a great video on her journey to her daughter. I have it posted on the bottom of my blog, if you have not seen it please go check it out.

Thank you for a great time,


  1. I love that you guys cut vacation a day short to come!!!!!!! I so wanted to meet you all--so I'm so thankful you all came!

  2. so got great pics...glad to have figure out yall were the givens :) too funny, kj

  3. So loved getting to meet your family in person!! It was so great! So glad that we all got to be there together!!

  4. Tony and Carrie, it was so wonderful to meet you in person! Lee and I enjoyed talking with you and learning that our families have so much in common. Counting down the days with you as you unite with your little one. Can't wait to find out boy/girl!!