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Monday, August 30, 2010

Fast and Slow

My life seems to be in high gear with each day flying by in a blur. School, coaching, e-mails, grading/planning, put the kids to bed REPEAT. Then we are busy running youth retreats on the weekend. My son has started second grade and I have yet to find the time to post a single picture. Then someone will ask "how is the adoption process going?" Slow. I wonder everyday where our child is and who the little person is. Referals have been coming very slowly for our agency, which is partly due to the closure of the courts in Ethiopia. They are closed during the rainy season, August & September. I can only hope that we will recieve our referal in six to seven more months. I would love for my life to slow down and for the adoption to speed up :0)



  1. i was just saying this same thing to a friend tonight! life is speeding by but the adoption is soooo slow!

  2. I hear ya! Feel the same way...we have been crazy since school started but we have been waiting forever on our home study!! quite a contrast!! :)