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Sunday, September 5, 2010


After Church today my wife felt the desire for us to do something together as a family. We would have gone for a bike ride except that I bent the rear rim on my bicycle a week earlier. She brought up a hiking trip we took down in southern Ohio a couple of years ago and how much fun it was. It would have taken us two hours to drive back down there, so I searched the internet for a more local park/trail. I found a park about thirty minutes away from our house, so we loaded up in the van and away we went.

Over the past month or so we decided to do a t-shirt exchange with some of the other families that were adopting. This week we received the (Adoption Rocks) shirts from the Huson family (North Dakota). After changing out of our Sunday dress clothes my wife decided to put on her t-shirt.

I had never been to the park before, so I was not sure where the trails started or ended. As I drove deeper and deeper into the park (which was very busy) I finally found a place to park. Imagine that, a busy park on Labor Day weekend. Just off of the end of the parking lot there was an opening into the woods. As we entered we found a map that showed a five mile loop trail. I thought to myself this is going to be an awesome long walk and it should wear the kids out. We saw some incredible wildlife and scenery. Some of the wild life that we got to see was a deer, cardinal, squirrel, hawk and a woodpecker.

There were a lot of other families out enjoying Mother Nature as well. Then I heard a lady talking to her husband as they walked past me in the other direction, she said “Maybe we should ask them”. To this I stopped and said sure what can I help you with? (This is where it gets cool) She said I noticed your wife’s shirt and my husband and I were just discussing this not more than a minute earlier. We shared with them about our involvement with Ethiopia and the schools and how it led us to the decision to adopt from ET. We told them all about our agency, timeline, finances and our excitement. We gave them our number and told them to feel free to call if they had more questions or if they wanted to meet and talk more about adoption. What a great hike!

Interesting how God works out his plan, a t-shirt from North Dakota worn on a trail in the woods in central Ohio that we have never been on before and on a holiday weekend.


  1. SUPER COOL! so glad you all went on that hike!

  2. SO neat!! Love this story! And I love all the creative ways that God uses to call people to adoption! So glad He gave you that opportunity!